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        We're Closed Today

At ASKET, we believe you should consider every article of clothing as an investment. We believe in knowing the impact of our purchasing decisions, buying less and wearing the garments you have for longer. Our very name is a statement of this philosophy, referring to a life without unnecessary material excess.

Today is Black Friday, a day that in spite of our knowledge of the impact of consumption on our planet, celebrates hyper-consumption. To put this even more clearly: Earth Overshoot day - the annual date when humanity has exhausted nature's budget for the year, was August 22nd. We have already consumed our quota.

So in our world, today the most appropriate action is to shut down. There will be no sales, no selling of garments at all. We’ll be open for business tomorrow — same great staples and prices as always — but today, we’re closed to contemplate.

        The Fourth Year In A Row

We’ve never done sales. And since 2017, we’ve continued to shut down every Black Friday. Instead of buying something you probably don't need, we suggest you care for what you already own. Check out or detailed garment care and repair guides for how to prolong the life of your garments and our garment care products (yes those you can buy today) for carefully selected care products that are as kind on the garment as on our planet.

In the meantime, we’ve also collected some of our most recent campaigns and articles on the topic of consumption and the challenges of the fashion industry and its efforts to become better. Head down for some good reading.

You can also head over to our Instagram to see what we’re up to behind the scenes today. While working, we’re taking some time to fill our day with the things that give us joy.

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