The Pursuit of Less

Buy less, but better

Overconsumption is killing our planet, and we're not getting happier the more we stuff in our wardrobes. We're creating one, permanent collection of uncompromised essentials - helping us live happier with less.

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Know your garments

A garment's value, and longevity, comes from knowing its story - giving it a place in our hearts, not just our drawers. Discover all the costs, craftspeople and resources required to create our garments.

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Wear each item, longer

Wearing a garment twice as long, means half the impact. We provide care and repair support and buy back unwanted ASKET items for resale or recycling - keeping our garments in use, longer.

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Timeless wardrobe staples. Infinite possibilities.
Timeless wardrobe staples. Infinite possibilities.

Worn Stories

Over time, our garments become repositories of their own stories. Each one a testament to longevity and a tribute to the intrinsic value of each piece.

Men's Permanent Collection

Women's Permanent Collection

Farming the Future

We sat down with Finn Harries to discuss the power of storytelling and the journey that transformed him from a YouTube documentarian to the Chief Designer of Juntos Farm.

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2023 Progress Report

Every year in April we publish our Progress Report. So you can track how we’re fairing our commitments to drive better practices at ASKET and within the apparel industry.

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Embracing Irregularities

To celebrate the launch of our new linen garments, we visited our mills and factories in Portugal to better understand how they work with, and embrace linen's irregularities.

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The Impact Receipt

When you purchase an ASKET garment, you don't just get your monetary receipt but an impact receipt too. The receipt breaks down your purchase into its garment, shipping and packaging related impact.

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Lasting Summer Essentials

Our lasting essentials are created to be worn over consecutive summers and transport you back to past vacations.