Full Transparency

Every cent, every ounce of CO2, every process accounted for. Know your garments. Buy less, keep them longer.

Sorting Fact From Fiction

The fashion industry is historically opaque - riddled by smoke and mirrors, disabling us as companies and individuals from connecting the dots between our choices, and their impact on people and planet. As the curtain unveils, the apparel industry is grappling to meet the demand for “sustainable fashion”. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Just as you don't save money by shopping on sale (you're still spending), you don't reduce impact by buying "sustainable" things (you're still consuming). Every garment has a story, a cost and an impact. Green, Conscious, Recycled, climate-neutral or offset products aren't moving the needle. In fact, it’s confusing us into thinking we can actually shop our way out of the problem: we're extracting and consuming more and faster than the finite resources and fixed boundaries of our planet and ecosystem allow for.

Full Transparency is necessary to help us do the one thing that actually makes a dent:
Make educated choices. And consume less.

Forever Improving

Know Your Impact

In 2019 we started using the data of our traced supply chain to calculate the impact of our garments. Revealing the hidden costs of our garments - human and environmental - confronts us with the truth of our habits. To meaningfully reduce our impact, we need to know what it actually is, and where it comes from.

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Full Transparency

Know The Origin

In May 2018, we launched Full Traceability. Because Made In labels don’t tell the full story of our garments, we created our own standard, requiring us to break down every garment into its raw components, trace them back to their origin and put that information into the labels of each piece of clothing. Our traced supply chain confronts us with the understated complexity of the items we otherwise take for granted, and is the key to understanding our impact.

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Know The Costs

Since our start in 2015 we’ve bypassed wholesale to sell directly to you. Making garments from some of the best materials and factories in the world, more affordable. To understand the value of your clothing, you’ll need to understand its costs too. With nothing to hide, we believe you have the right - and we have the obligation - to show you what you’re paying for. You’ll find the cost breakdown of every garment on each product page.

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