Asket office with fabric and garment work station
Asket office with fabric and garment work station

About Us

The world doesn’t need another fashion brand.

And certainly doesn’t need more clothing.

Garments, products of delicate labour and precious resources, have lost their value.

We buy more and use them less than ever - packing our wardrobes, filling landfills and fueling incinerators.

All at the expense of our society and planet.

ASKET exists to end this.

We don’t design for seasons, we create for forever.

When something isn’t perfect we improve it.

When something is broken we mend it.

Our definition of progress is reduced wardrobes.

Built on pieces that will stand the test of time.

Both in craftsmanship and design.

We envision a world free of fast consumption.

A world with less clutter, less waste, less smoke and mirrors.

ASKET. The pursuit of less.

The Pursuit Of Less®

We founded ASKET in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, to create the perfect essential wardrobe -a permanent collection, built one garment at a time. Over the years, our ambition grew beyond creating beautiful garments, to using them to drive change in a hugely problematic fashion industry: To restore the appreciation of the garments we've been taught to take for granted and help us live happier and more fulfilled, with less. We call it The Pursuit Of Less®. Today, we are system, more than just a brand, built on three pillars: Uncompromising Garments, Full Transparency and Lifecycle Responsibility.

Zero Compromise Garments on display

Zero Compromise Garments

We have no seasonal collections or limited drops. We put our entire focus on building a single, permanent collection of uncompromising essentials, one piece at a time. We manufacture exclusively in Europe, source the finest fibers in the world and pride ourselves in delivering the perfect fit for more people with our extended size system.

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Full Transparency

Full Transparency

Every garment is the product of precious natural resources and delicate human labor. We trace our garments back to the farm, track down their stories and calculate their footprint, so we can make more informed decisions about our clothing.

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Lifecycle Responsibility

Lifecycle Responsibility

Consuming less, and wearing a garment longer, is the only certain way to reduce the footprint of the clothing industry. That’s why we take responsibility beyond the point of purchase, with care, repair and take-back programs, keeping our clothing in use and out of landfill.

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Transparency & Reporting

In 2020 we developed The ASKET Principles - our playbook, defining our responsibilities and obligations as a company in the apparel industry. There is no silver bullet to solve the fashion industry’s social and environmental problems - every initiative needs to be seen through multiple lenses to make sure something we decide to do in the hope of reducing our impact, doesn’t just push it elsewhere.

We report back on our progress working with these principles annually around Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th, so that we can keep track of our progress together.

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