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The Sweatshirt - Archive

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The Sweatshirt is one of our most iconic and earliest products. A minimalist take on the classic athletic-wear from 100% cotton loopback fabric with an unbrushed inside. 

The colorway Dusty Green is an expired garment version that was available between 2018 to 2022, but is now replaced by Mud Green to match the colors of our hoodies. Dusty Green has been available in many ASKET essentials in the past, but throughout 2020-22 we aligned our green color scale across all categories for better consistency and easier mixing and matching of garments. 

If you're interested in learning more about the updated product, traceability, factories and transparent pricing, click here.
  • Note: This is the 2018-2022 production of Dusty Green which has since been replaced by Mud Green, found here
  • 100% Loopback Cotton
  • Custom developed, dense, 380g/sqm unbrushed loopback
  • Ribbed hems, cuffs and neckline reinforced with lycra for optimal retention
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Straight cut and pre-shrunk
  • 15 sizes, XS-XL in Long, Regular and Short
  • When in doubt or send an email to
  • Wash at 30°C
  • Hang to dry
  • Iron at reverse at medium temperature, 150°C
  • Do not tumble dry, bleach nor dry clean

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  • Care: Explore our garment care guides and garment care products
  • Repair: Drop off garments for free repairs in our stores or order spare parts for local repair. Order spare parts here.
  • Revive: Send back your irreparable or unwanted garments for us to take care of. Revival award for this garment is 10 EUR/USD/GBP or 100 SEK - Learn more.

Full Transparency

For every garment, we disclose its supply chain traceability, environmental footprint and cost structure. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we cherish what we buy and the longer those items will last. Note that the traceability information provided for Archive products represents the most recent data available. 

      Landed Cost 42CAD
      Asket Price 101.5CAD
      Traditional Retail 260CAD
      27CAD 13CAD 1CAD 1CAD
      • Raw Material & Milling 27CAD
      • Manufacturing 13CAD
      • Trims & Packaging 1CAD
      • Transport 1CAD

      With a permanent collection and direct-to-you sales, we don't have wholesale markups, deadstock, sales or discounts. The traditional retail price shows what we'd have to charge if we sold our garments through multi-brand stores (wholesale) - 6x the landed cost. Instead, our markup is between 2.5-4.5x landed cost depending on product and country characteristics. It covers the cost of our garments and a lot more: VAT, cost of sales (shipping, warehousing, payment, web systems etc.), marketing, admin (salaries, rent, product development etc.) and financial costs, while maintaining a slim profit to keep investing in our mission.

      87% Overall traceability

      Solid and melange colors: Cotton farmed and ginned in Sughd, TJ.
      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      16.18 kg CO₂e Carbon Emissions

      Impact is calculated in kg of climate change CO₂ equivalent. Figures refer to garment production (raw material to finished garment) and exclude post-purchase lifecycle stages (shipping, use phase, end of life).

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      About The Archive

      With a permanent collection, we never have seasonal sales. However, at times manufacturing deviations occur that don't pass our rigorous quality controls, resulting in second grade products. And other times, our incremental updates on our permanently available garments are so significant, that we have stock left of an expired version. The Archive allows us to offer these garments at lowered rates, making sure they come to good use.

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