The Archive

The Archive presents a rare opportunity to invest in ASKET essentials at discounted prices. All garments are available in limited quantities.

Expired Versions

An expired version is a garment that passed all quality controls, but has since been replaced by an updated version. These updates can relate to sizing, fit, material or design details. The exact difference to the updated product is fully described on each product page.

Second Grade Garment

A second grade garment is an item that hasn't passed our rigorous quality controls, but is still fully wearable. These deviations can pertain to how a garment looks (e.g. an unintended color shade), fits (a slight deviation in fit) or behaves (shrinkage or twisting). The exact deviation is fully described on each product page.

About The Archive

With a permanent collection, our garments are created to be around forever. That means we never have seasonal sales. Our garment prices are set to cover the costs of a responsible grade A fiber production, ethical high-end manufacturing and running a financially sustainable business, with the ability to reinvest in our efforts to push the industry to become better. If manufacturing costs go up, so do our prices - if they go down, our prices do too. The only time we can offer pre-consumer, unworn garments at lowered prices is when we have expired versions or second grade garments available.

Expired Versions: Our permanent collection is forever improving. We constantly evaluate and develop our existing garments, based on testing and feedback from our customers. These tweaks are often incremental and can be launched as the same product. But from time to time, a product is updated to the extent that it cannot be sold as the same product e.g. if the the fit, detailing or main materials have changed significantly. Think of it as different hardware versions, in which case the expiring version can be made available at 20% lower price.

Second Grade: As we're constantly producing the same garments, we've been perfecting the standards of high quality and consistency in garment manufacturing. All garments are purposefully developed to be made permanently available, but there will always be minor deviations. A garment starts at farming, where it is subject to the influences of fluctuating environmental conditions. From there it touches countless hands from fiber to finished piece. Inevitably, sometimes things go wrong and garments don't pass our strict quality controls. Therefore, we're able to offer you these items at a 30% lower price.