The Capsule Suitcase

Go-to garments, that go with everything, wherever you go

Summer means traveling, for many. And Traveling means anticipation. You imagine the places you'll go to and imagine the sartorial demands each will bring. Traveling, however, also means a confrontation with the limitations of the suitcases; the occasions awaiting may be endless, but the dimensions of your luggage are not. The Capsule Suitcase showcases the many directions our garments can take, stylistically. Even though we may go anywhere, we rely on simplicity, with garments we’ll always return to.

Pick a season below and find out how to build a better summer wardrobe with The Permanent Collection.

Abokey wears The Poplin Shirt in White, The Overshirt in Olive and The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Bleach.

Diana wears The Pique Polo (Men's) in White and The Merino Crew Neck Sweater in Dark Navy.

Spring is here. A transitional phase. The darkness and cold we thought we would never see the end of is exchanged with light, at last. Greenery appears — the air smells different. The past year, and all its accomplishments and defeats, are considered. It’s a period of growth.

Luna wears The Lyocell Shirt in White and The Standard Black Jeans in Grey Wash.

Viktor wears The Long Sleeve Pique Polo in Grey Melange and The Heavy Twill Chino in Beige.

The sun announces itself through our windows, casting light on the idle parts of our wardrobes. We open them. Fresh air breathing new life into our breathables. We can use them again. The days become longer, the sleeves and hems become shorter.

Viktor wears The Oxford Shirt in Grey Stripe, The Denim Jacket in Stone Bleach and The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Bleach.

Diana wears The Long Sleeve T-shirt in White and The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Bleach (Men's).

The weather remains unpredictable, some days lean into the season prior, while others point at the one arriving. Some days will reveal the blinding paleness of our limbs, while others won’t. We start making our plans and we dust off our suitcases. Spring is here. Where will it take you?