The Capsule Suitcase

Go-to garments, that go with everything, wherever you go

Summer means traveling, for many. And Traveling means anticipation. You imagine the places you'll go to and imagine the sartorial demands each will bring. Traveling, however, also means a confrontation with the limitations of the suitcases; the occasions awaiting may be endless, but the dimensions of your luggage are not. The Capsule Suitcase showcases the many directions our garments can take, stylistically. Even though we may go anywhere, we rely on simplicity, with garments we’ll always return to.

Pick a season below and find out how to build a better summer wardrobe with The Permanent Collection.

Viktor wears The Linen Shirt in Light Blue, The Merino Sweater in Brown Melange, The Field Jacket in Khaki Green and The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Wash.

Diana wears The Sweatshirt in Black (coming soon).

We arrive back home with many experiences accumulated. The suitcase we packed with anticipation we unpack with nostalgia. We open it only to fill the room with trails of bygone moments, some bound to wash away, and some set to set in permanently. As we unpack our garments, piece by piece, they each evoke their specific memories.

Abokey wears The Merino Wool Polo in Dark Navy, The Car Coat in Beige, The Chinos in Beige and The Ribbed Cotton Socks in Black.

Diana wears The Shirt in White and The Mock Neck Sweater in Creme.

We have returned home. Outside, the leaves cling to their branches as we do to our last days of summer. The temperature is dropping slightly, though we won't accept it, so we head out with a light layer or perhaps a fine knit.

Diana wears The Cashmere Roll Neck in Brown (coming soon) and The Standard Black Jeans in Grey Wash.

Abokey wears The Linen Shirt in Blue Stripe, The Merino Half Zip Sweater in Dark Navy, The Zip Vest in Dark Navy and The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Wash.

Everything to seize the descending sun before fall turns up and the temperature plummets, and our hems and sleeves inevitably must come down.