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Shopping Information

All orders are traceable via a tracking link provided in your shipping confirmation email.

For customer care, please reach out via our chat or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, normally within one working day.

Shipping Method

Delivery Time


Free From

Postnord Service Point

2-3 Working Days

60 SEK

1000 SEK

Postnord Home Delivery

2-3 Working Days

100 SEK

2000 SEK

DHL Express

1-3 Working Days

200 SEK


Shipping to: Sweden

Returns and exchanges

When exchanging items, both return and exchange shipping is free of charge. Returns (without exchange) are subject to a fee of 45 SEK. All returns come with a digital return label (Postnord) in your return registration e-mail. Simply show the QR code on your smartphone and PostNord will print the label for you.

You are more than welcome to hand in your return in our stores at Norrmalmstorg 1 free of charge.

Return period

30 days.


Postnord: You can either get your parcel delivered to your address or to a Service Point/Postbox of your choice. Please note that your order will be stored up to 7 days at the pick-up location before it will be returned to us..

DHL Express: Once your parcel arrives in Sweden, DHL Express will notify you via SMS and e-mail. Your order will by default be delivered to your front door, but you can easily select the delivery option that is most convenient for you through a link in your DHL Express notification. You can either select delivery to a service point, neighbour or home delivery.

Payment methods

Credit and Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx), Pay Direct (via BankID), Pay Later (invoice) & Slice it (part payment).



All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Poznań, Poland. Depending on your country you have one or more of the following delivery options to choose from:


Standard delivery is available in all EU countries, as well as the UK. The standard delivery service is provided via Postnord, DHL or local carriers via GLS where the last mile delivery may be carried out in collaboration with your local postal service (depending on your market).

Usually, orders are delivered to the door. If the carrier is unable to deliver the parcel, it will either be taken to a service point for pickup, or a second delivery attempt is made the day after. A change of delivery method may be available when the parcel has been dispatched, depending on your location and selected shipping option. For example, you might be able to choose to have the parcel delivered straight to a service point or neighbor, left in a safe place, or select a different day of delivery.

Please note that parcels are commonly delivered during the day. Therefore we recommend having the parcel shipped to your work address if applicable to you.


Express shipping is always carried out via air freight, meaning it is both more expensive and has a considerably larger environmental impact than standard shipping has. We hence recommend that you to use the standard delivery option when available. We aim to provide as environmentally responsible shopping as possible in all markets, which is why we are looking to change the shipping options in markets where express delivery currently is the sole option.

Usually, orders are delivered to the door. If the carrier is unable to deliver the parcel, it will either be taken to a service point for pickup, or a second delivery attempt is made the day after. Depending on the location and shipping option, a change of delivery method may be available when the parcel has been dispatched. For example, you might be able to choose to have the parcel delivered straight to a service point or neighbor, left in a safe place, or select a different day of delivery.

Please note that parcels are commonly delivered during the day. Therefore we recommend having the parcel shipped to your work address if applicable to you.


Free shipping is determined at checkout, based on the order price, campaigns, and potential promotion codes. For details on what the order minimum to access free shipping is in your country, please see the shopping information above.


We use tracked shipping methods only. A shipping notification email is sent out once the parcel has been dispatched from the warehouse in Poland. Through the link provided in the notification, you can follow your order during transit. In areas where last-mile delivery is carried out in collaboration with the local postal service, the tracking information is first available when the parcel has reached the delivery country. Therefore, it may take up to 3 working days for the tracking status to appear.


ASKET insures each purchase from the time it enters transit until it is delivered to you. All orders require a signature upon delivery, at which point the receiver becomes responsible for the shipment. When a recipient other than yourself is specified for delivery purposes, you also accept that the third party’s signature is sufficient proof of delivery and fulfillment by ASKET.

If you allow the carrier to leave the parcel outside your front door without a receiver’s signature, ASKET does not take responsibility for the delivery.


Within the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway and Switzerland, orders are shipped on Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) basis, meaning that all taxes and duties are included in the order price. Please note that for the United States orders above $800 will be subject to additional duties payable to your local authorities on the receipt of your delivery.

Outside the European Union (except the US, UK, Norway and Switzerland), orders are shipped on a Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) basis, meaning that all taxes and duties are excluded from the order price. A DDU order may therefore be subjected to local taxes and import duties levied by the local customs authority, or the used shipping carrier. We are, unfortunately, unable to calculate the exact cost of taxes and duties your order might incur, as these charges are imposed directly by the destination country. ASKET does not cover any such taxes, duties, or related charges. ASKET does not cover taxes and duties incurred on refused or unclaimed packages.

Returns & Exchanges

Fees for returns can be found in the Shopping Information section.

Returns must be shipped or postmarked within 30 days of being received. Returned goods should not have been used and needs to be returned in resellable condition with all original packaging intact. Return items can either be exchanged or refunded.

For orders within the EU, Norway, US and UK:

To provide the best possible experience ASKET offers free exchanges. Shipping both ways (inbound returns and outgoing exchanges) are covered by ASKET. This means you can try our garments and find the right size without any risk. In case of returns, the full item value excluding a small return fee will be refunded.

For orders outside the EU, Norway, US and UK:

You will have to cover the return shipping yourself. However, ASKET will cover the shipping of any replacement items in case of exchanges. In case of returns, the total item value is refunded. To avoid any taxes or import duties that may apply when returning goods, mark the parcel “RETURNED GOODS” and with a total value of €10.


To request a return, simply go to the return page and sign in with your e-mail address and order number. Select the item(s) you wish to return, and then between receiving a refund or an exchange item. If you experience any issues or defects with your garment, please file a complaint. Once the return registration is completed, you receive an email containing further country-specific instructions on how to return the parcel.


You can exchange any item for the same style in another color or size, as long as it is in stock. If you wish to exchange for a different style, we kindly ask you to return the item for a refund and place a separate order for the new garment.

Replacement items are shipped within two workdays from when you register your return online, regardless of when your return items arrive at the warehouse. If return items are not sent back to the warehouse, customers have to recompense for them.


If you opt not to proceed with an item exchange, you are welcome to initiate a return for a refund. The complete purchase price of all items will be reimbursed and in case of full order returns, initial shipping fees are reimbursed. However, please note that any applicable customs duties and sales taxes are not included in the refund. Return shipping costs are detailed under returns and exchanges and are applicable separately.

Refunds are processed once the return items have been received at our warehouse and passed the inspection. When the return is approved, you will receive a refund confirmation e-mail.

If you paid by credit or debit card, direct debit or directly via Klarna’s app or website, the amount will be transferred back to the account or card used within 5 working days, from the time the return was processed. If you paid via invoice, you will be contacted by Klarna to provide necessary information to process your refund shortly after the refund has been authorized. Please note that the return fee will be deducted from the refund.

If you return your item(s) before you pay your Klarna invoice, please make sure to pause your statement either on your Klarna app or by contacting Klarna’s Customer Support to make sure the invoice will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that a return fee will be added to your invoice.

Please note that it can take up to 10 working days for your return to be received and handled at our warehouse and up to 5 more days until the money arrives on your account depending on your chosen payment method.

Revival Program

The Revival Program is an integral part of our commitment to taking a holistic lifecycle responsibility for our garments and moving beyond the point of purchase. It is designed to maximise the use of all our garments, ensuring that we make the most out of all the precious resources used to produce them, by giving them a second chance.


You can send back any old ASKET garments that you no longer need, want or use. All you have to do is register the garments you’d like to send back via our revival registration page and proceed to send them back to us. In return for sending us your garments you will receive a revival reward of 5-25 EUR depending on the garment (see reward values below) that can be used to invest in new garments at After that we will do our best to make sure that all garments received through the revival program are either resold, remanufactured or recycled and that nothing goes to waste.


You can send back any ASKET garments, no matter their age, condition or where it was purchased. We do however require you to wash the garments before returning them. While we do accept underwear we are unable to offer any revival reward for them since our revival options are limited but we will still make sure that they are taken care of in the best possible way.

Please note that we don’t accept garments from other brands as our revival and resale process is tailored to the styles and materials of our own collection.


To register your garments for revival, simply go to our registration page and sign in with your email address and order number. You can use any previous order number to sign in and if you don’t have your order number you can have a link sent to your email.

In the portal you can select any items you’ve previously bought with us. If you’ve bought your garments second hand or received them as a gift they unfortunately can’t be registered via the portal but you can still register them by sending an email to If you’d like to send back garments bought using multiple email addresses that also need to be registered via email.

Please note that when registering for revival you should select your country of residence in the top right corner (or in the main menu on mobile). The shipping options, terms and reward values will be determined by the country from which you wish to make your return.


In Sweden and Germany we offer free shipping for all revival returns. Upon registration you receive an email containing further country-specific instructions on how to return the parcel. For Sweden you will receive a QR code with Postnord. Simply pack up your garments, go to the nearest service point and show them your QR code - they will arrange the shipping label for you and take care of the rest.

In all other markets we are unfortunately unable to provide shipping at this time but are working on rolling it out.

If you are based within the EU (not SE or DE), please send your garments back to our warehouse in Germany with a carrier of your choice*. Address: DSV Solutions (ASKET), ul. Stachowska 17d, 62-023 Robakowo, POLAND.

If you are based outside the EU, please send your garments back to our office in Stockholm with a carrier of your choice* and make sure to mark any customs paper clearly with “returned goods” and a total value of €10 to avoid any customs issues or fees. Address: ASKET, Fiskargatan 8, 116 20, Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Please note that you can’t return your revival items along with any regular returns as our warehouses will be unable to receive them mixed.

*For your safety we recommend that you choose a traceable shipping option.


As a small token of our appreciation we offer a revival reward of 5-25 EUR per garment sent back for revival.

You will receive your revival reward in the form of a voucher in your confirmation email as soon as our warehouse has processed your return, normally no more than five days after receiving the parcel.

The revival reward voucher has no expiration date and can be used at whenever you want to invest in something new or for second hand garments in the future.

Learn more about the reward values on the revival program page.


No matter what you send back we’ll do our very best to ensure that it’s put to the best possible use. Truth be told we have just started collecting garments and we’ll have to learn as we go but in essence the plan is as follows:

Garments in good condition will be washed, repaired if needed and then resold by us at special events in Stockholm. For garments that can’t be resold we’ll try to come up with more creative solutions like remanufacturing or recycling them into new garments or other kinds of products. When that’s not possible we’ll look to down-cycle them into input materials for other industries, like rags or insulation. Most importantly, nothing should end up in landfill.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress as soon as we start reviving products and getting results.


If you’re already gifting, reselling or repurposing old garments on your own then cudos to you, keep doing what you’re doing. We’re happy as long as they are given a second life. The Revival Program is only meant to offer a convenient and responsible way to dispose of unwanted garments for those who don’t.

Because keeping clothes in use just nine extra months could reduce their footprint by up to 30%. Still, far too many garments are retired either prematurely or irresponsibly, leading to a massive waste issue. The fact is that less than 25% of all garments produced globally are collected for either resale or recycling, less than 1% is recycled into new clothing, and the remaining 75% are destined for either landfill or incineration.

Donating might seem like a great option, but do you really know where it ends up? Unfortunately quite little is resold locally and a large share of donated garments still find their way to a landfill after travelling across the globe.

By sending your garment back to us you can rest assured that they will be put to the best possible use and retained at the highest possible value.

Payment & Security


We accept Visa and MasterCard, Credit and Debit globally. In certain countries, we accept Paypal, invoice payment after delivery, direct debit, direct transfer, and other local payment options. Unless otherwise is stated on the product page, payment is not due until the order is dispatched.

We do not storecredit cards or other financial information. All payments are processed by Klarna or Paypal, which are both PCI-certified encrypted payment systems.


We use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the data you sent to us digitally. In secure mode, HTTPS is the used extension of the domain name, instead of the non-secure HTTP.

To check that SSL is enabled, please look for the padlock symbol at the top of your browser. For further information about the SSL digital certificate registration please click the symbol and a pop-up window will appear.