100% Traceable Merino Wool Essentials

Explore the 100% traceable merino wool line-up - their story uncovered, all the way from our farms to the factories.

Lightweight 2/48 - 2/37 yarn - 24 gauge

All our merino wool essentials are made of the same 19,5 extra fine merino fiber. But from the spinning on, we develop yarns and knits for different use. The 2/48 and 2/37 are our finest yarns. 2/48 is used for our lightest Merino essentials, The Women's Turtleneck and Crew Neck, where'as the w/37 is in the Men's Roll Neck and Merino Polo, allowing for exceptionally breathable yet warm fabrics - perfect for layering garments.

Midweight 2/30 yarn - 20 gauge

Our 2/30 yarn is super versatile. Knitted to 20 gauge it hits the sweetspot - not too heavy, not too light. Dense, warm, breathable. The perfect combination for a multipurpose piece, this exact knit has been reserved for our crewneck Merino Sweater since its debut in 2016.

Heavyweight 2/30 yarn - 12 gauge

On a 12 gauge cardigan stitch, our two-ply yarn becomes as soft as any other of our pieces, but with that extra chunkiness and warmth. Used only for our Zip Cardigan, one piece weighs in at an average of 700(!) grams.

Ribbed 2/30 yarn - 10 to 7 gauge

For Beanies Only. Our beanies are ribb-knitted for greater elasticity and a chunkier fealing, to keep that hat in shape and yourself warm - winter after winter.

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