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The Standard Black Jeans

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No denim is quite as effortless as a black pair of jeans. Its reign among a diversity of subcultures from rock & roll to punk is perhaps exactly what makes them so versatile - and precisely what qualifies them to our permanent collection. Our Standard Black Jeans are made from 99% organic cotton and 1% recycled elastane, with a tapered cut, available in our signature Straighter and Curvier builds.

  • 99% Organic cotton 1% Recycled pre-consumer elastane (Creora®regen)
  • 12 1/4oz, 3/1 twill weave mid-weight
  • Pocket lining in 100% organic cotton
  • Button and rivets made from leftover metal
  • Zip at fly with Recycled polyester tape
  • 2 Front and back pockets
  • Mid-rise waist
  • Straight cut with slightly tapered legs
  • 2 Builds (Straighter and Curvier) for a better fit no matter how you're built
  • Available in Asket's three-dimensional size system. Identify your build, then choose waist and inseam length
  • Yanina (Grey Wash) measures 180cm (5’11”) in height, 69cm (27”) in waist and 105cm (41”) around hip and wears size W28/34 Curvier.
  • Chanelle (Black) measures 175cm (5'9) in height, 65cm (25") in waist and 92cm (36") around hip and wears size 25/34 Straighter.
  • Wash at 30° Celsius with garment turned inside out separately
  • Iron on low temperature
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not Bleach

View detailed care instructions

  • Care: Explore our garment care guides and garment care products
  • Repair: Drop off garments for free repairs in our stores or order spare parts for local repair. Order spare parts here.
  • Revive: Send back your irreparable or unwanted garments for us to take care of. Revival award for this garment is 20 EUR/USD/GBP or 200 SEK - Learn more.

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Full Transparency

For every garment, we disclose its supply chain traceability, environmental footprint and cost structure. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we cherish what we buy and the longer those items will last.

      Landed Cost 47 USD
      Asket Price 175 USD
      Traditional Retail 280 USD
      47 USD
      175 USD
      280 USD
      • Raw Material & Milling 7 USD
      • Manufacturing 36 USD
      • Trims & Packaging 3 USD
      • Transport 1 USD

      With direct-to-consumer sales and a permanent collection, we don't have wholesale markups, no deadstock, no markdowns, no sales and no discounts. Our garments are priced right, all-year round. The traditional retail price is based on a 6x landed cost markup, what we'd have to charge if we sold through wholesale. Our markup of 3-3,5x landed cost is lean and serves to cover landed cost (as shown) and a lot more: cost of sale (VAT, shipping, warehouseing, payment costs), marketing and admin (salaries, rent, product development etc), while maintaining a slim profit to keep reinvesting in changing the fashion industry for the better.

      90% Overall traceability

      Body fabric: Organic cotton farmed in Sanliurfa, Turkey. Recycled Elastane produced in Guangdong, China. Lining: Organic cotton farmed in Lahore Pakistan

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      35.96 kg CO₂e Carbon Emissions

      Impact is calculated in kg of climate change CO₂ equivalent. Figures refer to garment production (raw material to finished garment) and exclude post-purchase lifecycle stages (shipping, use phase, end of life).

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      Denim To Count On

      We partnered up with an innovative mill based in Turkey, where they've developed a closed-loop dyeing method to reduce water usage and chemical waste in the dyeing process. Made from a mix of organic cotton and recycled elastane, our grey wash jeans are overdyed and washed at the laundry facility in Italy to achieve a more flexible feel and softer handle.

      Yarn: 99% Organic cotton 1% Recycled elastane

      Body fabric: 12 1/4 OZ mid-weight

      Dye: Overdyed

      Lining: 100% Organic cotton

      Buttons: Recycled metal

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