Worn Stories Pt. 3

The Mockneck Sweater

Batch: Wear Tester Samples, March 2020

This unassuming sweater has weathered countless seasons, retaining its warmth, softness, and durability despite frequent use. However, as is natural with any well-loved garment, signs of wear have begun to manifest. Small pills have started to form. Understanding the inherent properties of wool, however, the owner of this knit knows that this is not a sign of poor quality but rather a testament to the nature of the fiber. Wool fibers are known for their ability to bend and return to their original shape, which inevitably leads to some pilling over time. Instead of discarding the sweater, the owner has chosen to embrace this characteristic. By carefully removing the pills, the sweater can be given a new lease on life, a small yet significant gesture in the journey towards extending a garment’s lifetime.

Notable features

True to form. Pilling from wear.

Owner: Anna Blom
Age: 47
From: Gothenburg
Work: Freelancing Journalist

As a writer, Anna has spent two decades focused on fashion and textiles. In that time her own perception of the fashion industry has evolved into one with a profound appreciation for the materials themselves - understanding that the beauty of a garment lies not just in its design but also in its materiality. With it altering her habits to not only care for her clothing meticulously but has also developed a personal connection with her wardrobe. Each garment tells a story, reflecting her growth as a fashion enthusiast. She cherishes the unique qualities of each fabric and delights in building a lasting relationship with her garments.

Our lifecycle responsibility

Garments transcend their role as mere articles of clothing. They embody a commitment, from the initial investment in finding them, to the ongoing care during wear, and the eventual repairs that might be needed. Over time, they become repositories of their own stories. To extend the lifetime of your garments visit our Care Guides or send any unwanted ASKET garments back via our Revival Program. The revived garments are then made available in The Restore in Stockholm, along with samples and defective garments.

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