Worn Stories Pt. 1

The Raw Denim Jeans

Batch No. 1, produced in 2019

This garment's threadbare style is a true testament to denim’s longevity. The garment has been worn extensively, to the point where the indigo dye has been broken down to an almost unrecognizable light blue shade. Initially purchased as part of the Raw Denim launch in 2019, this pair of jeans is now in the hands of its second owner through ASKET’s Revival program. It was received by our partner revival factory in May 2021, where it was refreshed and repaired before being returned to the shelves at ASKET’s first Revival pop-up store. Here, they were purchased by a long-standing customer.

Notable features

Excessively faded color. Patinated crease marks at the bottom of the trousers. Two repairs in the crotch. Wear and tear marks on the front and back pockets, likely from a cell phone.

Owner: Joel Garplind
Age: 30
From: Uppsala
Work: Developer

Joel will do almost anything within his power to avoid shopping for clothes. In his singular mission to avoid the high street, he has carefully built a wardrobe with longevity in mind. Opting for garments that are durable, both in terms of quality and functionality as well as repairable, in an effort to extend their lifetime as much as possible. As a consequence Joel develops an attachment to each of the garments he owns and appreciates the uniqueness that comes with every wear, tear and repair.

Our Lifecycle Responsibility

Garments transcend their role as mere articles of clothing. They embody a commitment, from the initial investment in finding them, to the ongoing care during wear, and the eventual repairs that might be needed. Over time, they become repositories of their own stories. To extend the lifetime of your garments visit our Care Guides or send any unwanted ASKET garments back via our Revival Program. The revived garments are then made available in The Restore in Stockholm, along with samples and defective garments.

The Field Jacket

Worn Stories Pt. 2

The Denim Shirt