Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, ASKET set out to create the perfect essential wardrobe — a permanent collection built one garment at a time. Pieces that have proven their utility and style to become enduring classics. In a genuine test of timelessness, we invited our customers to close their eyes and envision their wardrobe essentialism with it we aimed to prove whether our design philosophy could speak for itself. Here's how it unfolded.

The Experiment

To truly experience our garments, we invited you to use their imagination. So...Close your eyes. Picture an Oxford Shirt. Do you see it? Good. That's the power of garments so uncompromisingly timeless — you already know what they look like. 

No Images on

To further test this theory, and see if our stringent design philosophy and highly selective product assortment of wardrobe staples could speak for itself, we decided to take down all garment images from our website for a few days. Remarkably, 410 people purchased 1013 ASKET essentials without seeing them first, a true testament to our timeless design philosophy.

The Permanent Lookbook

Our garments aren't just timeless; they're uncompromisingly so. That’s why we've created the only lookbook you'll ever need from ASKET. This lookbook contains not a single product image because our garments are so timeless — you already know what they look like. With a limited production run of 200 Permanent Lookbooks, you can pick up a copy or view them at our Store in Stockholm.

We're Outside

In May, we took the timeless style experiment to the streets. Commuters in Stockholm and London were invited to participate with subway and street-side posters. Did you spot any?