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The Swim Shorts

110 USD
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Officially an essential since the 1800's, after nude public bathing was prohibited in most of Europe, The Swim Shorts are here to complete your summer wardrobe. Balancing maximum performance with minimal impact, we've sourced and developed every component from scratch to create a swim short made entirely of recovered marine plastics and recycled PET. They're cut from a fast drying, non-fading fabric and equipped with a breezy mesh that hugs in all the right places. The embellishment is subtle with tonal, stitched aglets and a white drawstring for a slight contrast. Pair them with a linen shirt to go full-riviera, or pop over a Grey sweatshirt for that effortlessly clean summer look.

  • Breezy, lustrous and fast drying fabric, made from 70% Seaqual and 30% recycled PET
  • White lightweight mesh with piped edges for comfort and fit, made from 50% Seaqual and 50% recycled PET
  • White draw strings from 100% recycled PET
  • Two side pockets, back pocket with rubberised zip
  • Laser cut for clean edges and minimal fraying
  • Revival reward: 5 EUR/USD/GBP or 50 SEK - Learn more
  • Mid rise waist and mid length inseam, ending above the knee
  • Fits true to size
  • Size guide: XS is ca. 28" waist, S is 30", M is 32", L is 34", XL is 36"
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Abokey (Black, Cold Blue, Cold Green, Dark Navy) is 31" in waist and wears size M
  • Wash at 30° Celsius with similar colours
  • Use a Guppy Bag to filter microplastics
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang to dry

View detailed care instructions

  • Care: Explore our garment care guides and garment care products
  • Repair: Drop off garments for free repairs in our stores or order spare parts for local repair. Order spare parts here.
  • Revive: Send back your irreparable or unwanted garments for us to take care of. Revival award for this garment is 5 EUR/USD/GBP or 50 SEK - Learn more.

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Full Transparency

For every garment, we disclose its supply chain traceability, environmental footprint and cost structure. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we cherish what we buy and the longer those items will last.

      Landed Cost 30 USD
      Asket Price 110 USD
      Traditional Retail 180 USD
      30 USD
      110 USD
      180 USD
      • Raw Material & Milling 9 USD
      • Manufacturing 19 USD
      • Trims & Packaging 0.6 USD
      • Transport 0.5 USD

      With direct-to-consumer sales and a permanent collection, we don't have wholesale markups, no deadstock, no markdowns, no sales and no discounts. Our garments are priced right, all-year round. The traditional retail price is based on a 6x landed cost markup, what we'd have to charge if we sold through wholesale. Our markup of 3-3,5x landed cost is lean and serves to cover landed cost (as shown) and a lot more: cost of sale (VAT, shipping, warehouseing, payment costs), marketing and admin (salaries, rent, product development etc), while maintaining a slim profit to keep reinvesting in changing the fashion industry for the better.

      82% Overall traceability

      Body fabric and mesh: plastic waste collected from Spanish mediterranean and French Atlantic oceans and coastlines.

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      8.66 kg CO₂e Carbon Emissions

      Impact is calculated in kg of climate change CO₂ equivalent. Figures refer to garment production (raw material to finished garment) and exclude post-purchase lifecycle stages (shipping, use phase, end of life).

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      100% Recycled. Not 100% Sustainable

      We partnered with a Portuguese mill specialized in swimwear to develop a fabric from Seaqual™ (a yarn made from ocean plastics and plastic waste collected by fishermen, non-profits, and volunteers around the French and Spanish coastlines). Our Swim Shorts inherit all the polyester performance and durability standards - fast drying, non-fading, and moisture-wicking - with the lowest possible impact.

      • Yarn: 100% Recycled PET (70% Seaqual™  30% Recycled PET) 
      • Body fabric: 130gsm 2/1 fine twill 
      • Mesh: 100% Recycled PET (50% Seaqual™ 50% Recycled PET) 
      • Dye: Jet dyed
      • Sewing thread: 100% Recycled PET

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