Traceable Merino Wool | From Argentinian Sheep To Sweater
Traceable Merino Wool | From Argentinian Sheep To Sweater

Traceable Merino

What Is Traceable Merino?

When it gets cold outside, nothing quite provides warmth and comfort like a good wool knit. Wool is a naturally produced, biodegradable and renewable fiber but like all materials there’s a complex supply chain and many ethical considerations to take into account, including environmental impacts and animal welfare.

To help ensure respect for the environment and fair treatment of animals, we only work with Merino wool that is non-mulesed and 100% traceable. Collaborating with our mills and sourcing partners we work to achieve origin traceability down to the farm and follow the wool through our entire supply chain.

Since 2021, we're working with four ethically aligned merino farms in spectacular provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut, Argentina - home to UNESCO world heritage sites like the Valdés Peninsula and Patagonia. These farms are Nativa ™ and RWS certified, allowing us and you as customers to choose garments and materials based on our values.

No easy feat. In 2018, we spent 18 months and a big investment in untangling our Merino wool supply chain to be able to provide you with a lineup of 100% traceable, single-origin Merino wool essentials.