Our T-Shirts

Our range of essential T-Shirts are cut and sewn in Portugal and Tunisia from custom developed long and extra-long staple Egyptian cotton fabrics. From our heavyweight long sleeve T-Shirt to the breezy Pique Polo, these are all the tees you need.

        The T-Shirt


At 185 grams per square meter, our custom developed Egyptian cotton jersey is the foundation of our original T-Shirt, the very first product we developed. The fabric is dense, soft and durable. Equipped with a ribbed neckline, this classic is made to outlast any tee you own. No matter how much love you give it, it won’t twist, warp, fade or shrink.

        The Lightweight T-Shirt

        Lightweight 120gsm - Breezy, Lustrous

Like your tees light on the skin? This is the one. Apart from the more discrete neckline, its biggest difference to The T-Shirt is - you guessed it - the fabric. The Lightweight is cut from a custom ELS (Extra Long Staple) Egyptian cotton knit, made from the top 10% cotton branches in the world. The result is a fabric that is soft and breezy on your skin, featuring a fluid and lustrous drape.

        The Pique Polo

        Pique 190gsm - Soft & Airy

There are two kinds of Pique’s. Your dad’s washed and faded tennis polo, used for painting the fence at your summer house. And this. Made from Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton, the longest cotton fiber in the world, measuring 34-36 millimeters in length, mercerized for greater color depth, strength and luster and knitted to a characteristic pique structure, that combines sharp looks with breeziness and comfort like nothing else.

        The Long Sleeve T-Shirt

        Heavyweight 200gsm - Crisp, Dry, Structured

Based on the iconic fit of the original T-Shirt, we developed The Long Sleeve T-Shirt from a slightly coarser American cotton. Knitted to a structured, heavyweight fabric it features an intentional sturdiness and a dryer handfeel for a straighter silhouette. It’s crisp on your skin, wear after wear, wash after wash.