The Poplin Weaving Facility

Letohrad, Czech Republic EST. 1996

Employees: 202
Average salary: 938 EUR/m
Work hours: 37.5h/week
Products: The Poplin Shirt
Last visit: Not visited yet

The Poplin Weaving Facility was originally founded in Letohrad, Czech Republic back in 1996, and was eventually acquired by the industry-leading Italian textile manufacturer Albini Group in 2002. The acquisition combines over 140 years of research and experience in the art of shirtmaking with facilities specialized in the production of some of the world’s highest quality dress shirt fabrics, catering to luxury brands whose name almost everyone would recognize. It’s in Letohrad where our poplin fabric is woven and tested following the highest quality standards before being transported to our Shirt Factory in Felgueiras, Portugal.


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