The Capsule Suitcase

Go-to garments, that go with everything, wherever you go

Summer means traveling, for many. And Traveling means anticipation. You imagine the places you'll go to and imagine the sartorial demands each will bring. Traveling, however, also means a confrontation with the limitations of the suitcases; the occasions awaiting may be endless, but the dimensions of your luggage are not. The Capsule Suitcase showcases the many directions our garments can take, stylistically. Even though we may go anywhere, we rely on simplicity, with garments we’ll always return to.

Pick a season below and find out how to build a better summer wardrobe with The Permanent Collection.

Diana wears The Tank Top in Black and The Standard Jeans in Stone Bleach.

Abokey wears The Lightweight T-shirt in Off White, The Cotton Sweater in Off White, The Chinos in Khaki Green and The Braided Elastic Belt in Beige.

High summer symbolizes a period when life-as-usual is finally put to a brief halt. For many of us, it has been a year filled with attempts of going places, and now it’s time to actually go to them.

Viktor wears The Lightweight T-shirt in White, The Linen Shirt in Beige and The Swim Shorts in Dark Navy.

Luna wears The T-shirt in White, The Shorts (Men's) in Beige and The Braided Elastic Belt in Beige.

We pack our suitcases while we prime soul and skin for all they lacked the months before. We pick a place we imagine has potential to make up for the deficiency. But wherever it may be, the suitcase waiting has to be filled with some efficiency.

Diana wears The Long Sleeve Pique Polo (Men's) and The Swim Shorts (Men's), both in Dark Navy.

Viktor wears The Linen Shirt in Dark Navy, The Shorts in Beige and The Ribbed Cotton Socks in Black.

Even though we may trot the globe and cross borders, its geometry confronts us with limits on how far we can go, sartorially. And even though we are subject to occasions of any shape or form: the curves of palm trees or the straight lines of that anticipated first glass of G&T, there’s a desire to fit in and stick out, simultaneously.

Luna wears The Shirt in White and The Sweatshirt (Men's) in Dark Navy.

Abokey wears The Pique Polo in White, The Sweatshirt in Dark Navy and The Shorts in Olive.