The ASKET Wardrobe

ASKET is built on a permanent collection. Each garment is created on the standard of eternal relevance, maximum mileage and in honor of the resources it takes to create them. The goal is to help more people live happier with fewer but better garments. To help you think critically about your wardrobe, we’ve constructed a framework on how to review, evaluate and edit its contents.

The Wardrobe Essentials The Building Blocks The Seasonal Staples The Statement Pieces About The ASKET Wardrobe

The Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials are those stalwart pieces that form the foundations of any wardrobe or outfit. From the perfect White T-shirt to a hard-working Raw Denim, we’ve picked the pieces that no wardrobe can do without. Some purists might argue that these are the only pieces you’ll ever need.


The Building Blocks

Sometimes occasion will call for you to smarten-up an outfit or weather an extra layer for the cold. Our building blocks have been designed to easily layer or interchange with the essentials year round. Here, we’ve round-up those garments to build on any outfit. And with our universally flattering colors you can easily mix-and-matched with any garment already in your wardrobe.


The Seasonal Staples

For the Seasonal Staples we introduce you to variations of our classics in materials to help you adapt with the changes in the seasons. Think light linen for summer and chunkier knits for deep winter. And while seasons may come and seasons go, our seasonal staples certainly aren’t subject to the ever-changing tides of cyclical trends.

The Statement Pieces

The permanence of our collection is our guiding principle, so while you won’t find any garish statement pieces, we have rounded-up those garments to suit different personalities and avoid any sartorially dull moments. These are the pieces that will let you make your capsule wardrobe your own.


About The ASKET Wardrobe

Why go for a capsule wardrobe: In an age where we’re inundated with a zillion options, opting for “less” is mostly harder than succumbing to the temptation of “more”. Our very philosophy at ASKET, and that of a capsule, minimalist wardrobe, is to have fewer but better garments, that you use more frequently. Despite a likely higher price tag on the individual items you’d be looking to invest in, we promise you won’t just free up wardrobe space, make choosing outfits easier and reduce your clothing footprint. By having every garment work so much harder, you’ll be saving money too. Not convinced? Think of it this way: if you buy less, you can save up for those few pieces you really want.

How to build a capsule wardrobe: A disciplined approach is required to build your wardrobe to consist only of well fitting, high quality, timeless and meaningful pieces. To help you think critically about your wardrobe, we’ve constructed a framework on how to review, evaluate and edit the contents of your own wardrobe, based on four simple garment categories: Essentials, Building Blocks, Seasonal Staples and Statement Pieces. While our individual interpretations of an Essential might vary, everyone can find use in this way of categorising your wardrobe.