The ASKET Pique Polo

The 5th Iteration

The Fifth Iteration of The Pique Polo

While trends wax and wane, there are certain garments that simply endure. A bona fide menswear classic, the Pique Polo cemented itself in our permanent collection, as only the fourth garment, in 2016. And in that time we’ve continued making improvements to this mainstay piece.

The beauty of our permanent collection is that we’ve set up constant feedback loops with each and every garment. So as we prepare for a new production run, we’ll revisit each piece and make incremental adjustments, based on our own observations as well as our customers' feedback. We call it constant improvement, with it our pieces get better with time and we continue to perfect one single capsule wardrobe.

Now launching in its 5th version, the Pique Polo, is the one garment that embodies our relenting strive for perfection like no other. Take a look below to learn more about the development of the Pique Polo:

For our fifth iteration we recreated the Pique Polo from the fabric up. Working with the expertise of Portuguese Textile Engineers, we developed a custom 210g/sqm fabric that is slightly heavier than the previous version and lends a more compact yet crisp hand feel - ideal for a smart pique polo without erring into tennis court territory. Slightly heavier in weight and with a new anti-static finish the garment is also easier to take care of and attracts less lint. As with all previous versions, the custom fabric is cut to a straight fit and embellished with three tonal Mother of Pearl buttons set in a French placket. Creating a garment that is more laid-back than a button-up but smarter than your favorite T-shirt.