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Neck Labels - How to best re-attach them to your clothing

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All ASKET labels are carefully attached to the garments in the least intrusive way possible. Most of them are only stitched in the top two corners to ensure that the stitching is invisible on the outside of the garment. This means they are a bit more delicate and may get loose after frequent wear and wash. Fortunately it’s an easy fix, outlined in four simple steps below.

Step 1

Place the label in its correct position and attach it with a pin to keep it steady. Push the thread through the fold on the edge of the label.

Step 2

Create an anchor point shaped as an X for extra stability and for marking where to put the button. Start at the back of the fabric and run the thread through the front. Repeat this in the shape of a small X.

Step 3

Attach the label by sewing a few (three to four) stitches through the fabric and the label. On knitwear, try not to sew all the way through to the back of the garment to ensure that the thread is invisible at the back of the neck.

Step 4

On the last stitch, come up behind the label and make a knot as close to the garment as possible and cut the thread off.

Step 5

Make a few small knots on the back, as close to the fabric as possible and cut it off.

What you need in your repair kit

  • Neck label
  • Matching sewing thread (20cm)
  • Spacer (a pin, toothpick or a match)
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors

Get spare parts

In case you need any extra parts to complete your repair we have everything you need in stock. From buttons and thread to zippers and fabric patches (see the entire list here). Just send us an e-mail to outlining what parts you need and where you’d like them sent and we’ll arrange it for you.