Returns and Exchanges


Register your return for a refund in the form below. Make sure you’ve selected your shipping country in the top right corner (or in the main menu on mobile) to get accurate information.

Free Exchanges

Ordering from Sweden we cover exchange shipping - completely free of charge. Returns are subject to a fee of 45 SEK. You are more than welcome to hand in your return in our store at Norrmalmstorg 1, free of charge.

No printing needed

You’ll receive an email with a QR code upon return registration, just bring your parcel and show the QR code at the post office - no printing needed. If you ordered with DHL Express, your original order comes with a pre-printed return shipping label.

Immediate Exchanges

As soon as you register your exchange, our warehouse will process it and it’ll ship within the next working day - you don’t need to wait until we’ve received your return.