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The Permanent Collection

One Garment At A Time

ASKET was founded in 2015 out of frustration. We had so much clothing, but still nothing to wear. Fashion's obsessive compulsion to produce new garments, ever faster, has resulted in an abundance of ill-designed choices. We feel compelled to consume to treat ourselves, kill boredom, or feel renewed. As a result, we are rarely happy with what we end up owning.

On the other hand, the garments we're the happiest with are unlikely fashion statements, but have been around forever. So from our inception, we decided to break the fashion system, and build a better one: a clothing system, immune to the fickle and short-sighted nature of fashion. Our principle is simple: We create only one permanent collection, consisting of timeless essentials that never go off shelf. A finite range of garments with enduring value.

Instead of indulging in the wasteful act of trying to create and forecast needs, we look back in time to find the archetypical cornerstones of any wardrobe. With each garment being around forever, we allow ourselves to develop our pieces slowly - literally one garment at a time. Testament to this philosophy, we have never removed a garment and we haven't had a single seasonal sale. Today, we spend more time refining the garments already in our range, than we do developing new ones.

With a permanent collection, there's a limit to our range. There will come a day, when we are finished. When adding anything more, would be to create fashion - and that's not our business. We spend endless time on our garments, so you don't have to. So you can do more, with less. Own your wardrobe, don't let it own you.