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The Braided Elastic Belt (vegan)

600 SEK

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85cm / 28" 90cm / 30" 95cm / 32" 100cm / 34"
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Overview +

A timeless yet effortless way to pull together any outfit, this is a casual take on its braided leather brother. Handcrafted in Florence, Italy, from soft and durable Italian elastic and embellished with bio-leather trims, this is one belt that you'll grow fond of - even if you, potentially, grow too.

Details +
  • Soft and durable Italian-made elastic from cotton-viscose-natural rubber blend
  • Details of bio leather made from 75% bio-based polyurethane and 25% viscose (vegan)
  • Nickel free zink alloy buckle and pin
  • Handcrafted in Florence
Fit +
  • 3.0cm wide
  • Choose the inch size you wear in trousers
  • Available in 85cm (28"), 90cm (30"), 95cm (32") and 100cm (34")
  • Model wears The Chino Size 30 slim and belt size 90cm (30")
Care +
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust, dirt and debris from the belt
  • If the buckle gets scratched or matte, polish it with a wax made for zink products
  • Store the belt rolled up with the buckle on the outside of the roll so that it won't scratch the belt

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Full Transparency

Understanding and appreciating the value of our clothing is fundamental in learning to live with less. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we cherish what we have, the longer it’ll last and - as a result - the less we’ll need.

      Landed Cost 180 SEK
      Asket Price 600 SEK
      Traditional Retail 1050 SEK
      180 SEK
      600 SEK
      1050 SEK
      • Raw Material 5 SEK
      • Milling 78 SEK
      • Manufacturing 71 SEK
      • Trims 21 SEK
      • Transport 5 SEK

      Our pricing is designed to better reflect the craftsmanship and resources that go into the product. With a permanent collection, selling directly to you, we're able to cut wholesale and avoid sales, pricing our essentials right - all year round.



      Cut, hand-braided, sewn and packed in Florence, Italy.

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw Material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      In Research

      • Raw Material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      Florentine Artisanship

      The Braided Elastic Belt is crafted in an atelier which has over 20 years of experience in fine belt handcraft. Hand-made, piece by piece, from only the highest quality Italian components: specially treated viscose elastic cords, bio-based vegan leather and a solid zink alloy buckle and pin.

      Elastic: Elastic: 70% Viscose, 18% Cotton, 12% Rubber
      Vegan Leather: 75% bio-polyurethane, 25% Viscose
      Buckle: Zinc-Alloy (nickle free)

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