The Washed Denim Laundry (Mens)

Nereto, Italy EST. 1987

Employees: 30 people
Average salary: 1,400 EUR/m
Work hours: 8 hours
Products: Washed Denim Jeans & Jacket, Black Denim
Last visit: Not visited yet due to current travel restrictions

A laboratory that balances handcraftsmanship and technology for innovation, research and experimentation in garment creation. This facility was founded by local entrepreneurs in collaboration with several european companies. 1500sqm housing machines for washing and dyeing with a capacity of 20,000 garments per day, a water recycling and purifying plant and a denim museum.

Washing and dyeing is a resource heavy process thus this facility has done a large scale investment to reduce their impact by: monitoring air pollution and water quality in the area, switching to photovoltaic (clean) energy.


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