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The Merino Wool Farms 2021

For our 2021 production of merino essentials we've sourced our wool from 5 Merino Wool farms, located in and around Patagonia, in the region of Santa Cruz in southern Argentina. The farms have been carefully selected in collaboration with our Italian Mill, Tollegno, and their sourcing and certification partner Chargeurs. All farms are NATIVA™ certified, which ensures the highest standard of animal husbandry and land management, breeding and farming in harmony with the local ecosystems. All farms are mulesing free and RWS certified.

"La Marina" & "Ernestina" Valdés Peninsula, Chubut, Argentina

Run by father and Son, Luis & Juan Copello, La Ernestina and Marina farms were founded four generations earlier in 1905 when the state auctioned off the land to European immigrants. Located in some of the most remote, spectacular and protected land on earth, the whole peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage and home of vast animal life and biodiversity. Specifically, La Ernestina farm, has some of the highest concentration of marine and bird life on the whole peninsula, including orcas and sea lions. The sheep graze freely on 15,000 hectares of land, side-by-side with the wildlife. Apart from the farm, mr Copello Jr has since 2000 become increasingly invested in nature preservation, working specifically with Orcas.

"El Triunfo" Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina

El Triunfo was established by a Spanish immigrant family in 1904 and has since been kept in the family, with the ownership and management passing down three generations. Currently run by Eduardo Ribaya and his wife, the two farms are more than a business, but an essential part of their history and heritage, managed with a deep passion for nature and animals. The farm is operated by the family and one employee, who received 715 USD per month plus food and housing.

"La Maciega" Chubut, Argentina

La Maciega's history dates back to 1929 when it was acquired by owners of German descent. Since then it has been passed on and acquired by different individuals, with some of the proceeds going to fund the construction of a local hospital. For the past 20 years it's been in the ownership and management of Roberto Valle who has continuously invested in the development of the farm. Today it employs 8 people with a salary of 530-655 USD/m plus housing. For every month of work, the employees are off one full week.

“La Chaira” PAtagonia, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Run by Alejandro Tirachini, the third generation of sheep breeders in his family since 1909, La Chaira houses over 5000 sheep in the Patagonia area of Santa Cruz. Since the 1990's the family has increased investment in responsible practices to create an even better and more competitve product. Workers and management are incentivized by training, talks, generous holidays and more, creating a strong commitment to the farm and bond between both teams and the environment in which they operate.

Nativa™ Certified

All farms are NATIVA™ certified. This means that the farms demonstrate extraordinary commitment to animal welfare and responsible land management, ensuring not just the welfare of the sheep but also the biodiversity in and around their grounds. All NATIVA™ certified farms and wool is mulesing free and RWS certified.

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