Wooden chairs in hallway
Wooden chairs in hallway

Inside ASKET's New HQ

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new headquarters. Fresh, uncomplicated and concise, just like us - and our garments.

Wooden table, plants and garments in Asket's office

Dubbed Fiskargatan 8, after the street name on which it’s located, the new space is inside one of Stockholm’s best preserved industrial buildings from the 1800s. Working with architectural practice Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau, we set out to design a space that celebrates the existing character of the building while embodying our mantra: The Pursuit of Less.

Old industrial building with brick wall on Fiskargatan 8
Close-up of meeting room

The building has a unique aesthetic; stark facades, gargantuan industrial curved windows and rows of pillars that hark back to the building's 18th century factory layout. Allowing us to draw inspiration from the functionalist design movement and involve as little design as possible.

Sewing machine on table in Asket's headquarter

Following that doctrine, we opened up the 450sqm space to create two large working areas. Flooded with plenty of natural light, the main workspace sees a desk layout that loosely resembles factory rows without the formality, a throwback to its industrial roots. While the second space consists of common working areas and a design space, with it encouraging open discussion and collaboration amongst teams. Working with natural, long living materials, such as metal and oak wood, our new HQ has a warmth and timelessness to it that will last and last.

Meeting room with long wood table
Kitchen with small flower on counter

We founded ASKET in 2015, to create the perfect essential wardrobe but over the years, our ambition grew beyond just creating the world’s best staples, to using them to drive change in the fashion industry. Our new HQ not only marks a change in address, but a milestone in our journey so far - as well as laying the foundations for our future ambition in continuing industry transformation.

Meeting room and bookshelf with books

Photography Erik Lefvander
Styling Paul Vaugyoeau