The Raw Denim Weaving Mill

Fukuyama City, Japan Est. 1908

Employees 19 people
Average salary: 2500 EUR/m
Work hours: 3 shifts of 8h
Products: The Raw Denim Jean and The Raw Denim Jacket
Last visit: September 2018

For over hundred years this small, family run factory has been making some of the finest fabrics in Japan. Naturally a lot has changed in their journey from traditional kasuri textiles to denim, but their commitment to quality has remained and the business is still kept within the family. Now on the fourth generation, president (owner) Yoshinori is running the show together with his two sons, both of which are certified jeans sommeliers. There’s no mistaking their deep knowledge and passion for denim and we spent most of our first meeting discussing the sound of the looms and the subtle nuances of selvedge denim. The factory and all its looms run on 100% solar power and all waste or discarded fabric is recycled locally.

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