The Raw Denim Dyeing House

fukuyama citym japan Est. 1967

Employees 70 people
Average salary: 2500 EUR/m
Work hours: 8-5pm
Products: The Raw Denim Jean and The Raw Denim Jacket
Last visit: September 2018

In between green medows, rice paddies and japanese mountains lies our Denim Dyeing House. Half a century after it's founding, it's still kept in and run by the same family. Once known for the tedious and labor-intense ancient organic indigo dyeing techniques, the dyeing house is today best known for its innovative rope dyeing process, achieving greater color, with less impact. Using a proprietary cold-water method, our dyeing house is able to reduce CO2 emissions by 380g per pair of denim - that's the equivalent of planting 12 cedar trees. Despite our best efforts during our visit, the owners remained adamant that we were not allowed to photograph the machinery for business secrecy reasons.

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