The Black Denim Cotton Farms

Inegöl, Turkey

Employees: 1154
Average salary: 250 EUR/m
Work hours: Unregulated
Products: The Black Jeans
Last visit: Not visited yet

Organic cotton farming has been pioneered in Turkey for over 30 years. The climate and soil conditions make a suitable area for growing high quality cotton. Cotton from the South East Anatolia Region is well-known for its suitability for producing denim fabrics.

Cotton is what’s known as a “thirsty” plant, requiring extensive land areas and water for its cultivation. While conventional cotton is grown with artificial irrigation, toxic pesticides and eutrophying fertilisers, these elements are restricted when it comes to organic cotton which. This reduces its CO2 impact, while ensuring safer working conditions for farmers and farm workers.

The cotton of our Black Denim is sourced exclusively from certified Organic cotton farms in Turkey. While we’re unable to pinpoint the individual farms at this moment, we’ve obtained the certifications ensuring restrictions on chemical and fertilizer use, as well as better working conditions for farmers and farm workers.


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