The Poplin Shirt Moments - ASKET
The Poplin Shirt Moments - ASKET

The Moment Before

The dress shirt is a symbol of anticipation. It plays a central role in the ritual of preparing for an imminent event. That moment before - standing in front of the wardrobe trying to contain a mind already ahead of time. You put all the focus on presenting the best version of yourself.

It embodies the striving for perfection and the restraint on excess. It’s about the continuous investigation of what really counts: the cut, fabric, the shape of the collar, the stitch count, the buttons…. and the unyielding pursuit for improvements. More significantly perhaps, the dress shirt proves the enduring power of timeless elegance and simplicity.

It is exactly what you need — for what’s coming.

Photographer: Julia Chapeau Light & DOP: Niklas Marklund Digi: Nigel Perry Stylist: Martin Persson Hair & Makeup: Ida Eriksson Art Direction: Liza Forslund Model: Kevin, MIKAs