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How to remove grass stains on your garments

Grass Stains

Grass-stains are not just for kids and footballers, it can happen to all of us but luckily they’re highly treatable.

Step 1
Soak the garment in cold water to soften the stain and make it more receptive to cleaning solutions. Never use hot water for non-fatty stains as it will only set the stain into the fabric.

Step 2
Pre-treat the stain with a stain remover or a small amount of concentrated detergent to loosen up the stain. For colored garments, make sure to use color safe, non-chlorine/bleach-free stain remover.

Step 3
Rinse the stained area and if needed, finish up by simply washing the garment as normal*.

* For ASKET garments, find more detailed wash instructions here.