The ASKET Women's Essentials
The ASKET Women's Essentials

Three Essentials, Countless Outfits

Our clothes strive for eternal relevance, made to defy time and to be cherished for as long as possible. Our women’s collection remains young yet, but it’s on a journey to becoming a complete capsule wardrobe, where each and every garment intermixes seamlessly. It’s an approach that relies on garment combinations rather than new additions. In essence, it is made to guide you in doing more with less.

For this occasion, we picked three of our foundational pieces and showcase just a few of the many ways they can be worn, combined and styled. Feel free to scroll.

The Standard Jeans

If we could create only one pair of denim jeans for women, this is what we would make. And so we did, infiltrating the frustratingly overcrowded milieu of the Women’s Jeans, with a pair we decided to call “standard”. A naming direction that may seem counterintuitive to some. But like with all signifiers, they never really capture the totality of the signified; there’s more to it. They have gone through a rigorous design process to achieve a cut that is as inclusive as it is trend-shunning. Their silhouette as elegant, as it's easy to wear... We’ll just keep it at that for now. Just have a look below.


The T-shirt

When speaking of essentials, the T-Shirt is one of the first to come to mind. Well, our minds at least. It holds a special place in our hearts; it’s the first type of garment we ever released, making it more of a quintessential rather than an essential. Our iteration is meant to be an amalgamation of all the better elements of the T-Shirts we had tried before, without the excess. And we arrived at something truly wearable everyday, ready to be pulled on and pulled off with equal effortlessness, no matter the person or occasion - and to do so for years. Take a look below to witness how it does this.


The Tank Top

One would think designing an all-inclusive women’s tank top is straightforward. Because at first glance, it all looks relatively simple. But after years of working with so many fabrics, we know how deceptive our visual senses can be. To really appreciate the boundaries we push in design and quality, the totality of our senses need to be employed, especially the tactile. This is truer than ever with The Tank Top. It’s made with wearability in mind. To embrace the body indefinitely and gracefully, without ever losing shape nor integrity. Have a look below.


One grid to rule them all

Our permanent collection is intended to support life with a capsule wardrobe. We've created a grid system - a tool to help you visualize what you own, make accurate judgments about what you need or don’t, and — perhaps most importantly — use your creativity to the utmost, to make as many outfits with as few garments as possible. In the pursuit of less.

Explore the grid