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Our first principle is that we only create one, permanent collection. A finite range of timeless essentials - adding one garment at a time, each piece created on the standard of eternal relevance. With so few garments, that never go off shelf, we invest more time and resources when creating each piece in the first place, and continue to refine each garment over time. Taking trends, drops and collections out of the equation, we focus on what matters: Fibers, Factories and Fit.

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The fiber - our raw material - influences how a garment looks and feels on your skin, how durable and washable it is - and the impact it has on people and planet. We source exclusively organic, traceable or recycled fibers from the finest farms and mills around the world. We don't water down our garments using blends, but opt for mono-material fabrics for the purest possible product.

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There's no shortcut in creating a good product. We pride ourselves in partnering with renowned, near-shore, fabric powerhouses in Italy, Portugal and Turkey and working exclusively with specialised EU-based manufacturers for the delicate processes of cutting, sewing, washing and finishing our garments.

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With fewer garments on our hands, we've allowed ourselves to dive deep in sizing. We pride ourselves in our proprietary, multi-dimensional sizing systems, that allow more people, to find a better fit. And with over 150.000 customers combined with a permanent collection, we're able to give you a size recommendation based on just a few short questions.

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Timeless wardrobe staples. Infinite possibilities.
Timeless wardrobe staples. Infinite possibilities.

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