The Pursuit of Less

The world doesn’t need another fashion brand.

And certainly doesn’t need more clothing.

Garments, products of delicate labour and precious resources, have lost their value.
We buy more and use them less than ever - packing our wardrobes, filling landfills and fueling incinerators.

All at the expense of our society and planet.

ASKET exists to end this.

We don’t design for seasons, we create for forever.
When something isn’t perfect we improve it.
When something is broken we mend it.

Our definition of progress is reduced wardrobes.
Built on pieces that will stand the test of time.
Both in craftsmanship and design.

We envision a world free of fast consumption.
A world with less clutter, less waste, less smoke and mirrors.

ASKET. The pursuit of less.

Meaningful Essentials

Our promise is to create only meaningful essentials. We’re restoring the value and appreciation of clothing by creating only the garments we need, and uncovering and telling their stories: A permanent collection of zero-compromise pieces, made under full transparency and with lifecycle responsibility. We can’t live without clothing, but we can live with a lot less and a lot better clothing, by making the pieces we choose to invest in count.

Zero Compromise

We’ve disregarded seasonal collections, cut out all the middlemen and fashion fat - putting our entire focus on building a single, permanent collection. Fewer pieces, more love:

  • From farm to factory, we locate the finest natural materials, and partner exclusively with skilled, responsible mills and manufacturers
  • We’ve replaced standardized sizing with our own extended, size system, taking into account that we’re all built differently and providing more people with a better fit.
  • Bypassing wholesale distribution, skipping discounts and sales, we create lasting quality at the right price
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Full Transparency

Every garment is the product of scarce natural resources and delicate human labor. But the full picture is rarely told: Every piece makes an impact and has a cost. We want to give the whole picture, helping both us at ASKET and you as an individual make more informed decisions:

  • Origin: We break down and trace our garments to their roots, so you can learn about every factory and every touchpoint they pass.
  • Impact: We’re collecting and calculating actual impact data to help you understand the impact of your choice
  • Cost: With nothing to hide, we show exactly what it costs, so you always know what you’re paying for.
Explore Full Transparency

Lifecycle Responsibility

Whatever promises of “sustainable fashion” you hear, extending the life of the garments we already have is the only sure-fire way to actually reduce the footprint of the clothing industry. The longer we wear what we have, the less new stuff we need. That’s why we take responsibility, beyond the point of purchase, doing our very best to keep our clothing in use and out of landfill.

  • Care: Our extensive garment care guides help you prolong the life of your garments
  • Repair: Even the most durable garments break, and when they do we’ll be there to help out.
  • Revive: Once you’re done with a garment we’ll buy it back and make sure that it gets a second life
Explore Lifecycle Responsibility

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