Product Stories

From denim sourcing in Japan to the breakdown of all 50 steps involved in creating an oxford shirt, we’ve collected our short documentaries and stories of our garments in one place.

The T-Shirt Denim Sweatshirt Cashmere Oxford Shirt

The Asket T-Shirt

2015. Where it all started. The mother of all our product films. This is the story of how we started with one seemingly simple goal: To create the perfect T-Shirt.

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The Sweatshirt

2017. Oh dear, this was quite the story. After a failed launch, a beta release and feedback from hundreds of customers we finally released The Sweatshirt 2.0 in 2017. Celebrating the struggle, we asked an olympic ring gymnast to wear it in his own struggle: the ultra hard olympic training.

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The Oxford Shirt

2016. The Oxford Shirt was the third product we ever made. And the amount of steps and meticulous craftsmanship it takes to create it blew us away. So we documented all of them. Enjoy!

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The Pique Polo

2022. Now available in its fifth version, the Pique Polo is the one garment that embodies our relenting strive for perfection like no other.

The Cashmere Sweater

2016. Fabio showed us the art of knitwear and made our first cashmere. His business closed down, but his product lives on.

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The Denim Journey

2018. Our latest story is a short documentary we made while tracing our denim back to its roots in Anjo, Japan.

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