The Backpocket T-Shirt

A Back-Up in your Back-pocket

There is a degree of burden that comes with being an obsessively detail-oriented manufacturer of clothing. It does something to one's psyche. After a while, one starts developing a disdain towards anything that diverges from the standards we tend to set. This can be a stitch on a garment that veers from straight lines, a pair of pants with hems that don't land exactly where they should, or even a stain.

Unfortunately, our obsession has slowly grown into something more malignant. Some of our employees have developed severe sensitivity to — what we agreed to call — “sartorial distortions”. Any encounter with something that departs from perfection has led to a diversity of symptoms among our employees: from dizziness to sudden outbursts of rage.

Something had to be done. Employee well-being is paramount after all. We came up with a solution. And from now on, everyone is to always have one at hand. We placed them in every corner of the office, in our personal drawers, and there's even a stack of them in our toilets. But most importantly, everyone is urged to carry it in their back pocket. Symptoms can arise anytime. Worse yet, they don’t seem to abide by the confines of our office, nor its hours. Which brings us to you.

Given your sympathy for our pursuit, and the resulting probability that you think alike, the degree to which you may also be suffering from sartorial distortions is something we decided not to underestimate. Essentially, we want to take the opportunity to test the use case of this solution in normal society. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Which is why we are proudly (or should we say: despairingly) presenting:

The ASKET back-up T-Shirt. In case of emergencies. It's as much of a True Essential as it is an Unfortunate Necessity.


In order for the ASKET disposable back-up T-Shirt to truly serve as the remedy to the ailment(s) at hand, considerable thought has gone into not only the design of the garment itself, but also in how to best instruct optimal use. Which is why we put together this handy manual:

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