Stories On Our Pursuit

Stories on Our Pursuit

A lot goes into the making of our garments, more than the texture of the fabrics we develop and the drape of silhouettes we cut is able to convey. There is a story behind many things we do. And they are the type only words and sentences can attempt to do justice. You’ll find them here.


This is where we explore how far our pursuit stretches. We reflect on a life with less and the many ways the philosophy manifests among others.

Our Journey

From how we tackle greenwashing with the impact receipt to how we once told the fast-fashion industry to shove off, and the various stories inbetween.

Down To The Fiber

From how we sourced our denim from the renowned valleys in Japan to the long and nuanced history of the Field Jacket. This is where we get truly nerdy about the garments we make.

Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Terms / Terminology

We get it, navigating sustainable and ethical fashion terminology can be overwhelming. The conversation around fashion’s environmental impact is riddled with jargon, and the sheer volume of words, terms and definitions out there can leave your head in a spin – us included.

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