The Garment Care Products

We've thoroughly tested and curated a small selection of garment care products - stain remover, detergent and softener - that are as gentle on your garments as they are on the planet.

Detergents, softeners & stain removers

Our series of tried and tested detergents, softeners and stain removers are made from organic ingredients and bottled in sugar-cane-plastic bottles.

Laundry bags

Laundry bags aren’t just handy to separate dirty laundry when traveling, The GuppyFriend Washing bag also filters out microplastics from your synthetic garments that otherwise end up polluting our water systems.


Knitwear is perhaps the easiest garment category to care for - if woolen, it needs neither laundry nor ironing. Just air it out between wears. But it can attract moth and even the best knitwear pills. Cedarwood keeps moths - the pilo shaver is pure pilling shaving fun. You’re welcome.