The Trouser & Shirt Fabric Mills


Employees: 300 people
Average salary: 1400 EUR/m
Work hours: 8h shifts
Products: The Chino, The Shorts, The Overshirt, The Flannel Shirt
Last visit: March 2018

The story of this fabric mill started in post-war Italy. Over 70 years ago, just outside of Milan, an ambitious factory worker decided to become independent and start his own spinning mill, turning raw fibers into yarns. More than half a century later, after passing on the business to his son and after his son bringing in his grandchildren, the family business has grown into one of the most renowned Italian fabric houses. And they are one of the very last to still operate 100% inhouse in Italy - from spinning to weaving and finishing, every step is carried out on Italian soil. Their near century-long expertise and dedication to quality and long term relationships has earned them customers among the world's most exclusive fashion houses. We spent a day at their jaw-dropping weaving and finishing plants, located in a red brick dream outside of Milan dating back to 1813.

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