The T-Shirt Cut & Sew Factory

Varzea, Portugal Est. 2012

Employees 20 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/m
Work hours: 8h, starting 8am
Products: The T-shirt, The Long Sleeve T-shirt
Last visit: October 2022

The T-Shirt Factory was the very first factory to join our journey. Its owner, Paolo, is a young textile entrepreneur, who was excited to hear about our vision to rethink the way garments are developed, sized, produced and sold. Having grown up in a textile family, he knows the business inside and out. When starting this facility, he set out to build it on a combination heritage andexpertise as well as modern technology and processes. Back 2015, when we first started collaborating he employed around 20 people of which 15 were seamstresses. Since then Paolos business has expanded alongside our growth. He has built a second production floor and set up a seperate sewing factory located 30 minutes away for when volumes are high. This facility however remains the coordinator in the creation of The T-Shirt (and The Long Sleeve T-Shirt) while handling cutting and most of the sewing in-house.