The T-Shirt Dyeing Facility

Lousado, Portugal EST. 1980

Employees: 70 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/M
Work hours: 8 hours/ 3 shifts
Products: The T-Shirt
Last visit: September 2019

A family business run by Avelino, this facility has changed and been forced to change throughout the years. 10 years ago they integrated finishing to their existing dyeing services and 7 years ago they underwent a big crisis when several of their larger apparel clients faced bankrupcy. Dyeing is a resource heavy, particular when it comes to water use and disposal. This facility operates with a circular water system which takes water form the local river which is treated and cleaned before and after use. The water needs to be cleaned beforehand to remove naturally ocurring sediments that could affect the dyeing of fabric. This is where the knitted, raw fabric arrives from the T-Shirt Fabric Mill to undergo coloring. From here on it continues to cutting and sewing.