The Recycled Wool Fabric Mill

Prato, Italy EST. 1943

Employees: 70
Average salary: 1,500 EUR/m
Work hours: 8h
Products: The Wool Coat
Last visit: Not visited yet

The Recycled Wool Fabric Mill is at the start and end of our wool coat fabric, where novel technologies are engineered and prototyped by a multigenerational family company with over 75 years experience. Run by Marco and Matteo, the grandson's of Enzo the founder, they specialize in outerwear fabrics. They possess a unique know-how with an archive of over 40,000 pieces created across several decades and a production capacity of 8.6 million meters of fabric per year.

Moving into bulk production the facility coordinates spinning, weaving and finishing in its partner facilities. At the end, the finished fabrics come back here for a final inspection before being shipped to our cutting and sewing factories.

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