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The Permanent Collection | Men's

Our journey started with search for the perfect T-Shirt back in 2015. Since then, we’ve been carefully developing 3-4 wardrobe essentials per year, each one meant to be around forever, while continuously evaluating and improving the existing ones. Head down to browse our permanent collection of wardrobe essentials.

        Seasonal Favorites

        A Permanent Collection

We’ve disregarded seasonal collections, putting all our focus into perfecting only the essentials - the garments we need, love and use the most. With only pieces meant to be around forever, we have no sales or retail tricks - instead we price our garments fairly all year round. What’s more, with no end-of season breathing down our neck, we can pour our heart and soul into sourcing the most considered materials and responsible manufacturers, providing you with traceability and accountability from farm to finished garment.

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