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The Perfect T-Shirt

        The Ultimate Men's Wardrobe Staple

As classic as they come, The T-Shirt is the garment that speaks to every man. Designed to stand the test of time, our signature straight-cut crew neck T-Shirt is made from 180gsm combed Egyptian cotton, knitted to a mid-weight jersey and accentuated with a ribbed neckline. Playing the role of both statement and staple, this piece will be the most worn item in your wardrobe. Head down to explore what makes the perfect t-shirt (in our humble opinion).

        So What Makes The Perfect Tee?

The reason we started ASKET was because we couldn’t find something as seemingly simple as a plain white t-shirt with a great cut, the right quality and a decent price.

Our search for the perfect t-shirt, had us isolate the elements and details that add real value, stripping away all the unnecessary stuff. At the core is the fabric: We opted for a slightly heavier, 100% combed Egyptian cotton jersey, custom-developed according by our Portuguese textile engineering partners. The result is a fabric that’s as soft as it’s durable, reliable wear after wear, wash after wash: 180 grams per square meter, compacted Egyptian long staple single jersey.

From there on we prototyped and tweaked to get the fit right: a classic crew neck collar that gently wraps the neckline for a masculine look. We opted for a ribbed binding that accentuates the collar-line, rather than disappearing in the body fabric. Working downwards to the next crucial part: the sleeves. Mid length, ending on the middle of the biceps with a straight fall for a flattering look. Finally, the body is cut for a straight silhouette with just the slightest nip at the waistline to avoid a too boxy look.

Lastly, as with all our tops, the The T-Shirt piloted our revolutionary 15-size system, in order to fit more men better.

To The T-Shirt


        Based on 410 reviews

All our garments are co-developed with our customers. With our permanent collection we’re able to take in feedback, listen and continue to develop, evaluate and improve our garments over time, instead of constantly re-inventing the wheel.

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        "The essence of a T-shirt

For me the best T-Shirt one can buy. It's an outstanding quality perfectly manufactured.”

Marbod H.

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        The Story Of Our T-Shirt

We founded ASKET in 2015 to create the perfect t-shirt, the fundament of everyman’s wardrobe. We set out to do the impossible, combining perfect fit, a quality that’s as comfortable as it’s durable and a price that makes sense. In short: A garment free of compromise.

        Celebrated by the critics

        "It's just perfect"

        Sam Wolfson, The Guardian