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The Merino Sock 3-Pack
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50 USD

Traditional retail price: 75 USD

39/41 EU | 7.5/9 US 42/44 EU | 9.5/11 US 45/47 EU | 11.5/14 US
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Overview +

Many people hear "wool" and think its just for winter, but Merino wool adapts to both hot and cold - making these a reliable year-round staple. Our socks are made from ultra breathable Australian merino and feature an underrated ribbing detailed. A true chameleon, you can beat the heat and keep cool with wool.

Buy socks in packs and lighten up the laundry load.

Details +
  • Dry and breathable Merino Wool mix
  • 65% fine, 21 micron Australian merino, 35% polyamide
  • 1x1 ribbed top, 8x2 ribbed body, hand-linked toes
  • Nylon-reinforced heel and toes against abrasion
  • Designed in Stockholm, made in Brescia, Italy
Fit +
  • Elastic, mid length (mid calf)
  • Models have shoe size 42 wearing 42-44 and shoe size 46 wearing 45-47
Care +
  • A correct choice of footwear is critical to the lifetime of your socks. If the insoles of your shoes are worn and knobbly, they can wear down the bottom of your socks.
  • Allow 1-2 days between wearing your merino socks. This allows wrinkles to dissipate and the elasticity of the fibers to recover
  • Wash at 30°-40° Celsius
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not tumble, dry clean, iron nor bleach

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Raw Materials

Knitted, hand-linked, washed and packed in Brescia, Italy.

Merino yarn: Merino wool dyed, spun and twisted in Biella, Italy.

Merino Wool shorn in South Africa and/or South America - researching origin.

Other yarn: Elastane from Virginia, USA. Nylon reinforcement from Brescia, Italy. Paper label: Produced in Lombardy, Italy.

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments: materials, craftsmanship and accountability (to the planet and the people involved). We skip what doesn’t bring value to you: middlemen, sales tricks and retailers. We’re creating meaningful essentials. To us, to you and the people who made them.

Fabric: 9 USD

Labor: 5 USD

Transport: 0 USD

True Cost: 14 USD

Traditional Retail:
75 USD

50 USD

        From Brescia With Love

The Merino Sock is the result of a century of knitting expertise concentrated to the city of Brescia, just outside of Milano. Knitted from fine Australian merino and reinforced at its heel and toes, this is the most resilient sock you'll own: It's soft, naturally breathable, elastic, moisture-wicking and odor-neutralising. By naturally adapting to your body temperature, the wool will keep your feet cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool.

Yarn: 65% 21 micron Fine Australian Merino, 35% Polyamide
Body Fabric: 8x2 Rib-Knit
Hems: 1x1 Fine Rib-Knit
Dye: Yarn Dye (Melange: Fiber Dye)