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The Cotton Sock

20 USD

Traditional retail price: 30 USD

39/41 EU | 7.5/9 US 42/44 EU | 9.5/11 US 45/47 EU | 11.5/14 US

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Overview +

A good pair of socks can upgrade your whole look. Our mid-length sock is made from the softest Egyptian cotton mix and reinforced in all the right places to make sure it'll take you the extra mile. With these, you'll step it up in style and comfort.

Details +
  • Soft, single combed, worsted Egyptian Cotton mix
  • 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • 1x1 ribbed top, jersey knitted body, hand-linked toes
  • Nylon-reinforced heel and toes against abrasion
Fit +
  • Elastic, mid length (mid calf)
  • Models have shoe size 42 wearing 42-44 and shoe size 46 wearing 45-47
Care +
  • Wash at 40°-60° Celsius
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not tumble, dry clean, iron nor bleach

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Raw Materials

Knitted, hand-linked, washed and packed in Brescia, Italy.

Cotton yarn: Cotton combed and spun in Borg El Arab, Egypt. Yarn twisted and dyed in Brescia, Italy.

Cotton farmed and ginned in USA.

Other yarn: Elastane from Virginia, USA. Nylon reinforcement from Brescia, Italy. Paper label: Produced in Lombardy, Italy.

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments: materials, craftsmanship and accountability (to the planet and the people involved). We skip what doesn’t bring value to you: middlemen, sales tricks and retailers. We’re creating meaningful essentials. To us, to you and the people who made them.

Fabric: 3 USD

Labor: 2 USD

Transport: 0 USD

True Cost: 5 USD

Traditional Retail:
30 USD

20 USD

        From Brescia With Love

The Cotton Sock is the result of a century of knitting expertise concentrated to the city of Brescia, just outside of Milano. It's about as Italian as it gets: Every thread, every machine and every hand it passes is from the Brescia area. Its combed Egyptian Cotton and Polyamide-Elastane mix is as soft and comfortable as it's strong and flexible. With its extra-reinforced heel and toes, this is one sock that won't let you down.

Yarn: 80% Combed Egyptian Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
Body Fabric: Single Jersey Knit
Hems: 1x1 Fine Rib-Knit
Dye: Yarn Dye (Melange: Fiber Dye)