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The Catshmere Catdigan
Natural Melange

600 USD

Traditional retail price: 1200 USD

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Overview +

The Catshmere Catdigan is the result of weeks of home office bliss. Totally traceable, it's made from ASKET home office cat hairses, hand-combed and hand-knitted from whatever we could find on beds, sofas, carpets and garments. It's is the embodiment of creativity within constraints and hyper-local sourcing with minimal pawprint.

Details +
  • 100% traceable combed cat hair from ASKET cats
  • 0,2% Polyester from eaten sponges, scrunchies and other plastic bits
  • Natural Melange
  • Super soft and fluffy
  • Loosely knitted
  • Awkward drape
  • We did our best to keep it together (hey, we're all doing our best to keep it together..)
  • Very purrfect
Fit +
  • If it fits, it sits. It might also fall apart into dust bunnies, cat hair be moody
Care +
  • Leave on beds, sofas and chairs to collect more hair
  • Stroke gently
  • Softly lick to clean
  • Avoid leaving out to long, cat might want it back
  • Do not iron, tumble dry or wash
  • Can have a little salami

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Raw Materials

Knitted in at the ASKET Office & Showroom.

Cat hair combed, picked and rolled in Vasastan and Kungsholmen, Stockholm

Cats born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Moved to their forever homes at the age of 12 weeks. Graze freely in our underdimensioned city flats in Vasastan and Kungsholmen.

Sewing thread produced in Breisgau, Germany, wound and packed in St. Maria de Palautordera, Spain. Elastane thread from Virginia, USA. Hangtag: Paper pulp and hangtag produced in Dongguan, China. Polyester produced, spun and twisted to string in Dongguan, China. Care Label: Polyester, spun, woven and printed in Dongguan, China. Main Label: Polyester, spun and woven in Dongguan, China

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments: materials, craftsmanship and accountability (to the planet and the people involved). We skip what doesn’t bring value to you: middlemen, sales tricks and retailers. We’re creating meaningful essentials. To us, to you and the people who made them.

Fabric: 0 USD

Labor: 444 USD

Transport: 0 USD

True Cost: NaN USD

Traditional Retail:
1200 USD

600 USD

        From Cat To Sweater

No sweater is better than its fibre. This hand-combed, hand-knit fabric comes from cats that live the good life. Because great quality starts with a happy little kitty. ASKET home office cats are spoiled with nasty smelling wet food, snacks and even the occasional egg yolk to get that silky smooth fur. The cats graze freely across our over-priced, under-dimensioned Stockholm flats, acting like they own the place, leaving a trail of silky hair on everything from sweaters and sofas to open Macbook keyboards. After a 3 week long meticulous process of constant brushing, vacuum cleaning and lint-rolling we finally collected enough fluff to put on our hazmat suits and walk (at safe 6m distance to anyone) to the ASKET office and studio. There, we finally did our very best to make a sweater.

Yarn: 100% traceable home office cat hair
Breed: Siberian, Scottish Fold and Mixed breed
Fiber length: Siberian 10cm, Scottish Fold 3cm, Mixed Breed 5cm
Dye: Natural melange, mixing white, brown and grey hair
Made: At home