The Delicate Detergent

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Overview +

Made from natural ingredients, Tangent Garment Care's Delicate Detergent with orange oil is as gentle to your clothing as it is to the environment. Specially adapted for sensitive materials such as wool and cashmere yet just as effective also for other materials like cotton and linen.

Details +
  • Made in Germany
  • 300ml / 10.1 fl.oz, equal to 15-30 washes
  • Hand wash: 10 ml per 5 litres of water
  • Machine wash: 20 ml per 2-3kg load
  • 100% of the ingredients are organic and from natural origin
  • Completely vegan and organic
  • Fully biodegradable in just 20 days
  • Bottle made from sugarcane plastic instead of petroleum based plastic
Ingredients +
  • Free from Parabens, Synthetic Chemicals, Petroleum, Artificial Color and Dye, Genetic Manipulation and Preservatives
  • Scent from Natural Etheric Oils
  • Contains >30% Aqua, 5-15% Sugar Surfactant (nonionic surfactant), Fatty Alcohol Sulphate (anionic surfactant), <5% Sodium Chloride, Alcohol, Soya Bean Lecithin, Citrate and Perfume (limonene, geraniol). Contains Limonene. May cause allergic reactions